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Engelese® NewRead® Pop-up Story
An Engelese® NewRead® Pop-up Story delivers a new, interactive twist to children’s books. Every word in a story is dynamic. When the reader discovers a troublesome word, just tap it for special help. The familiar expression “sound out the word” takes on a whole new meaning with Engelese® NewRead® because words are shown as unique pictures that actually allow you to SEE HOW WORDS SOUND.

Engelese® NewRead® makes it fun and easy to learn how to read, speak and write simple words. Spoken words are a series of sounds, and Engelese® NewRead® Pop-up Stories help kids learn new words by focusing on those sounds.

The Pop-up Story app is a starting point of the Engelese® learning series. The full set of free apps (Making Words, Word Play and The Billy Goats Gruff pop-up story) can be used to provide a comprehensive set of exercises for both beginning and intermediate readers. The paid programs can then be added for a complete learning experience.

This program runs on the iPad. You can download a free version of "The Three Billy Goats Gruff" pop-up story now.
Keep watching, many different stories will be available.
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Reading A Story

To read a story kids just click the NEXT button to see the next page (or BACK to go back one page). Story text is displayed in large easy to read words. And most pages include delightful artwork that enhances the story.

To get help understanding a word, the reader only needs to click on it. The Engelese® form of the word then pops-up as shown in the example on the right. The patented Engelese® NewRead® system represents sounds with pictures of common objects that stand for the first sound in their names. For instance, the word “eat” is drawn with an ear and a tie. Kids quickly recognize the pictures and their related sounds: eee- t.

If they need a little more help, they can click on the SPEAK button to hear the word spoken.
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Pronunciation Key

The Engelese® Pronunciation Key, which can be accessed at any time by clicking on the READ button, provides a special kind of Help. On two pages, it lists all 30 sounds needed to make most English words. That’s right, only 30 simple sounds!

This feature is very helpful for understanding and using Engelese® NewRead®. As already mentioned, the symbols stand for the first sounds in their names. So once you know how to say a name you also know the symbol’s sound. Consider the word “eat” again. It is represented by the two symbols “ear” and “tie”. Pronouncing only the first sounds of the symbols names we get: eee- t.

Most of the symbols should be very familiar. And their names are words already in most beginning reader’s vocabulary. So learning how to pronounce words with Engelese® symbols will happen very quickly. Also you can click on a symbol in the Pronunciation Key to hear the sound’s name spoken.
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Pop-up Story Help

A complete set of instructions are included on screen, a feature that has been overlooked on many apps designed for mobile devices.

The Help screen can be accessed at any time, from any page in a story. The function of every program button is explained.

A parent doesn’t have to become an expert to help the reader because all the details are just a click away.
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Home Page

The Home page acts as the Story’s cover and a place to setup the program options. It is the starting point for all Engelese Pop-up Stories.

Keep watching the App Store. The Three Billy Goats Gruff is the first in a full series of Engelese® NewRead®, interactive, pop-up stories.

Learning to read and write is now a fun and engaging experience!
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